April 29, 2014

Episode 87: Advocating for Women as Leaders in Sports with Dr. Cara Wright

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Dr. Cara Wright has been named associate athletic director for business administration/Senior Woman Administrator at Alabama A&M University. Wright will be responsible for budgeting and business operations of the Alabama A&M department of athletics.

A former assistant professor in the sports management program at Alabama A&M, she is the first black woman to receive a doctorate in human performance at Indiana University. She received her master’s in communications management from the University of Dayton, where she played on the women’s basketball team. Wright earned a master’s in athletic administration/sports management from Indiana University.

She taught in the sports management department at Indiana and was an assistant to the senior associate athletic director of regulatory affairs in the IU athletic department.

Wright was selected for the inaugural WNBA Future Leaders initiative in 2014.

She also participated as a basketball instructor and administrator in South Africa for the NBA Basketball Without Borders program in 2011 and 2012.
Dr. Wright played college basketball at the University of Dayton and received Bachelor of Science degree in Communications Management.


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