April 29, 2014

Episode 89: Book Spotlight – Beyond The Gridiron with Travis Key

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On this episode, Angie interviews Travis Key who talks about his book Beyond the Gridiron which he co-auhtored with Ashton Henderson. Travis beat the odds and walked on to Michigan State’s football team.

He is now a packaging engineer for a major company, and co-founder of a non profit called Apex Academy (formerly 4th and 1). Travis discusses how naive he was when he walked on campus is freshman year and how he became captain of the team his senior year.

Travis explains, that there are many intangibles traits that coaches look for in players that may give a player a chance such as willingness to be first in every drill.

Angie and Travis also talk about the importance of athletes having a plan as they transition from college. Preparing for life is essential. Find out what was Travis’ greatest moment in his life thus far. You can reach Travis at the information below.

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